Die Spekulationen haben endlich ein Ende, wir bestätigen hiermit den Wechsel zwei unserer Spieler. Verlassen haben uns Leon „Lamabear“ Krüger und Jin-Cheol „Jisu“ Park. Vielen Dank Jungs für euren Einsatz, wir drücken euch auch weiterhin fest die Daumen für eure Karriere! Um natürlich keine Lücke in unserem Lineup entstehen zu lassen, konnten wir uns mit Fnatic einigen und Maurice „Amazing“ Stückenschneider sowie Mateusz „Kikis“ Szkudlarek für uns verpflichten. Nun heißt es mit der neu gewonnen Erfahrung das Ruder zu drehen und die ersten Siege einzufahren. Gemeinsames Ziel ist es nun jeden Spieltag für uns zu erringen, um die Teilnahme an den Playoffs noch zu ermöglichen. Wird hart, aber wir glauben fest an unser Team! GO MONKEYS!

Wir haben für euch auch ein paar Worte von unserem Team gesammelt.

Florian “Halchor” Koppelmann, Leiter LoL
First of all I want to thank Jisu and Lamabear for their work over the last weeks. Unfortunately our games didn’t go too well and we felt that a change is needed in order to start turning things around. Looking forward we are very happy to welcome Kikis and Amazing to the squad. Their skill and their experience will help us to grow as a team and to pick up some wins very soon.

Yakup “Geem” Özipek, Leiter LoL
I am kinda sad to let Jisu and Lamabear go but unfortunately we had no other choice at this point. We believed in the young players and we still do! Both of them are talented players with a bright future.
Unfortunately they need time to develop and sadly we are not able to give them this time. We wish we had more time to work with them and see the progress that they will make.
We decided to take Kikis and Amazing in the team, because we believe they can lead the young team. With the addition of two veteran players I am certain that we will fix most of our problems shortly and show a better performance in the next weeks.

Grant “Grievance” Rousseau, Team Manager
I am extremely excited by the opportunity to work with Kikis and Amazing. Two highly skilled and experienced players will certainly bring a boost to the team. With them on board I believe we can guide and grow our three rookies to a very high level and together make a team that can win against anyone. We now have a great balance of raw potential and good experience which i think was really needed on our team, and I know it won’t be long before we will be challenging for the top. I want to take this moment to truly thank Lamabear and Jisu. It was an absolute pleasure working with them and I have no doubt we will see them in LCS again, as they both hold great potential. I wish them the best of luck with their new teams and whatever paths they follow. For now we will really push forward and work hard with this new duo and I’m very excited for the future of this team.

Maurice „Amazing“ Stückenschneider, Spieler
Excited to be able to play LCS this split and represent the MM organisation. They show a lot of promise for a newly bought in team that hasn’t stepped foot on the LCS stage before, and really do seem to care about their players and staff. It’ll be interesting to see where we’ll end up, but helping them maximize their potential and to get out of the relegation zone will be the most important goal for my tenure here. Do hope that we can make it happen, and I do hope that I can grow further as a player in person in my 7th LCS split amongst old (Kikis/Unlimited) and new friends and players (CozQ/Dreams/Yuuki) while performing on stage once more.